Code Enforcement

The Office of Code Compliance investigates complaints of Allegany County Code violations and conducts bi-annual and annual inspections at all operating Salvage Yards.

Types of code violation complaints investigated:

The office often works with other local and state agencies such as Animal Control, the Allegany County Health Department, Adult, and Child Protective Services, Soil Conservation, and the Maryland Department of the Environment in the course of investigations.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Arielle Warren, Code Enforcement Office Associate, at 301.876.9263.

File a Concern

To file a concern or suspected code infraction with the Office of Code Enforcement, one may do so by emailing the Office Associate, Arielle Warren, at  or by phone at 301-876-9263. 

When submitting or conveying a concern or report, please include an address to the subject location or detailed location description.  Additionally, please inform the office of the property owner’s name or occupant's name, if known.  Provide, in detail, the nature of the concern or violation.  If available,  please  submit copies of any pictures or documents (evidence) in your possession.

A request for contact form may be utilized to initiate this process. One may complete and email or mail this form, with evidence, to the County Office Complex, 701 Kelly Road, attention OCE, Cumberland Maryland 21502.


All civil citations shall be processed in accordance with Article 25B, § 13C, of the Annotated Code of Maryland. Each day that a violation exists is considered a separate offense. Repeat violations for the same offense can result in a fine of up to $1,000.