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The Cumberland Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is the federal and state designated regional transportation planning body for the urbanized area in western Maryland; and includes the Cities of Cumberland and Frostburg, and Allegany County and Mineral County, West Virginia.

MPOs are created by federal law and provide a forum where local officials, public transportation providers and state agency representatives come together and cooperatively plan to meet a region's current and future transportation needs.

The Cumberland Area MPO was designated by former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes on May 17, 1982, after the 1980 Census indicated that the criteria for an "urbanized area" and the establishment of an MPO had been met. At this time former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes designated the Allegany County Commissioners to act as the temporary MPO to carry out the urban transportation planning process for the Cumberland urbanized area.

The planning and program management functions are administered and implemented by Allegany County's Transportation Planning staff, which provides technical and clerical support. The City of Cumberland and the City of Frostburg work closely with CAMPO's staff to coordinate transportation planning.

CAMPO charged with planning and coordinating federal transportation agencies, state and local governments and the public to ensure state and federal dollars for transportation will be invested to satisfy the future needs of the Cumberland Area.

As defined by federal and state transportation regulations, the primary functions of the MPO are to:

Establish the goals, objectives and policies governing transportation planning in the region;

  • Approve an annual Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and budget;
  • Direct the preparation of, and adopt, the strategies of the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP);
  • Recommend projects for implementation through the adoption of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP);

CAMPO works on creating plans that will help the public get around. Transportation to help people get to work, to school, to the store, anywhere they want to go. CAMPO welcomes your suggestions on the transportation decisions that affect this community.

Cumberland Metropolitan Area Boundary

The Cumberland Metropolitan Area Transportation Planning Area is the geographic area in which the metropolitan transportation planning process required by 23 U.S.C. 134 and 49 U.S.C. 5303 must be carried out. The Cumberland Metropolitan Planning area encompasses Allegany County.

2010 Cumberland Area MPO Map PDF

Cumberland, MD-WV Metro Statical Area Population

Year Cumberland, MD-WV 
Metropolitan Statistical Area 
(Allegany Co.)
West Virginia
(Mineral Co.)
2010 103,299 75.087 28,212
2000 102,008 74,930 27,078
1990 101,643 74,946 27,6697
180 107,782 80,548 27,234