Using the Bus Schedule

  • "Request" Stops are not routinely served. If there is a "by request" listed at a stop and you are on the bus, be sure to ask the driver to stop. If there is a "by request" listed at a stop and you want to be picked up, please call ahead as much as possible M-F 8 a.m.-4 p.m. so we can be sure to let the driver know.
  • Arrival Time will vary within the interval between fixed stops. Please be generous as you estimate time. When in doubt, call Allegany County Transit at 301-722-6360.
  • If there is no time listed, but it is along the route, don't worry, the bus will stop there.
  • Stops read left to right.
  • Times read top to bottom.
A diagram of a bus schedule which explains how to read it.

Schedule Accuracy

Every effort will be made to operate according to publish schedules. Circumstances sometime develop beyond our control, accordingly to Allegany County Transit cannot hold itself responsible for errors in timetables inconvenience or damage resulting from delayed fixed routes.