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Posted on: May 24, 2018

Plastic Film Recycling Challenge Results

2017-2018 Bel Air Plastic Film Recycling Challenge Top Collector




The Allegany County Commissioners, Jacob C. Shade, Creade V. Brodie, Jr., William R. Valentine, the Allegany County Solid Waste Management Board, and the Allegany County Board of Education initiated a new recycling challenge this year – plastic film. Students in 25 public and private schools in Allegany County participated and collected nearly six tons of plastic film during the five-month challenge.   

The 2017-2018 top five schools were Bel Air Elementary, George’s Creek Elementary, Beginnings Montessori, Lighthouse Christian Academy, and West Side Elementary. The top five were determined by the ratio of the total number of pounds of plastic film collected to the total number of students enrolled in the school. Therefore, every school had an equal chance in this challenge. 

The statistics are:

  • Bel Air Elementary: 8.63 pounds per student, 1,942 total pounds;

  • George’s Creek Elementary: 7.19 pounds per student, 2,223 total pounds;

  • Beginnings Montessori: 4.87 pounds per student, 326 total pounds; 

  • Lighthouse Christian Academy: 4.75 pounds per student, 361 total pounds; and

  • West Side Elementary: 4.05 pounds per student, 1,561 total pounds.

The top five schools received cash awards: $475, $350, $250, $175, and $150, respectively. Allegany County’s Plastic Recycling Challenge sponsors were Advanced Disposal, Burgmeier’s Hauling, Mountainview Landfill, and Penn-Mar Recycling. The cash awards are to be used to promote green environmental practices at the schools as well as to purchase green materials such as recycling bins. 


The Allegany County recycling statistics were reported and also considered for the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge. Trex is the world’s number one decking and railing brand and leader in high-performance, low-maintenance outdoor living products. 

The 2017-2018 Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge was held for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The Trex Challenge was based on student enrollment categories:1-350, 351-500, 501-600, 601-800, 801-1,100, and 1,101 or more. The Trex Challenge designated seven regions in the United States. Allegany County schools compete in the Mid-Atlantic Region which consists of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. 

Two Allegany County elementary schools were winners in the Mid-Atlantic Region:

  • Bel Air: 350 or fewer students, 1,942 total pounds; and

  • South Penn: 501 to 600 students 1,979 total pounds. 

These two schools each received an outdoor bench manufactured by Trex from recycled plastic. Trex is headquartered in Winchester, Virginia.

Overall, these challenges are educational and enhance awareness of students, their families, and the community at large about the importance of recycling. This real-world project helps the environment because valuable landfill space is not utilized and the recycled material can be reused to manufacture desirable products. The schools have the opportunity to win cash awards and recyclable items. The pounds of recycled plastic film will help Allegany County reach its’ 20% recycling goal, a mandate from the State of Maryland. 

Allegany County Recycling Coordinator Siera N. Wigfield and Allegany County Public School Secondary Science Supervisor Eric Van Slyke provided oversight for this effort. 

The plastic film recycling challenge is one component of Allegany County Government’s extensive recycling program. Allegany County Government’s website,, has recycling information. From the homepage click departments and then click recycling office. Ms. Wigfield is available to speak with school groups, civic organizations, etc. and may be contacted at 301-777-5933 X 210

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