Recycling Office

  1. Expanded Plastic Recycling Sites in LaVale & Flintstone

    #1 and #2 Plastics are now accepted at the Recycling Drop-off Area in the Staples in LaVale Parking lot & at the Flintstone Refuse Site on MD 144. Read on...
  2. Household Hazardous Waste Event - September 2017

    Save the date: September 9, 2017 starting at 10 am - 3 pm at the Allegany County Fairgrounds. We will be recycling paint for the first time! Read on...
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  1. Announcements

    View the latest announcements and news from the Recycling Office.

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  2. Maryland Recycling Rate (MRA)

    The Maryland Recycling Act requires Allegany County to divert at least 20% of its solid waste to recycling programs.

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  3. Trash Sticker - Residential Program

    Learn more about Allegany County's residential refuse disposal tag system.

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  4. Mountainview Landfill

    Learn more about Mountainview Landfill and how to obtain refuse tags.

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  5. Yard Waste & Mulch Site

    Allegany County Government operates a supervised compost site for Allegany County residents and businesses. Learn more about utilizing this service.

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  6. Recyclable Materials

    Find out what types of materials are accepted for recycling, where to recycle them, and how to recycle them.

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  7. Reuse Directory

    Even if you can't recycle a certain item, you may be able to find an agency that can reuse it. Find different options for reuse in our reuse directory.

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  8. Rethink: Sustainable Materials

    Visit the Environmental Protection Agency's website for more information on sustainable materials.

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  9. Plans

    View Solid Waste Plan documents online.

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  10. Solid Waste Management Board

    Find information on the Solid Waste Management Board's meeting times, members, and minutes.

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  11. Apartment Building Recycling

    In April, 2012, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 1, Environmental-Recycling - Apartment Buildings and Condominiums, requiring recycling in all apartment buildings and condominiums that contain 10 or more dwelling units.

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  12. Special Events Recycling

    Environment Article, §9-1712, Annotated Code of Maryland, requires special events organizers to provide for recycling at special events that meet certain criteria.

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  13. Educational Program

    Allegany County Government’s Recycling Coordinator is pleased to speak with and make presentations to schools and community organizations.

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