Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Duties & Responsibilities

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office is the go-to resource within the county for all spatial data. The GIS Office functions in a support role, providing services to numerous departments such as Economic & Community Development, Election Office, Emergency Services, Finance Office, Land Development Services, Planning, Public Works, Tax and Utility and organizations including  Allegany County Public Schools.

The GIS Office also offers various means for the public to access spatial data.

The principal responsibilities of the GIS Office are:
  1. Custodians of spatial data
  2. Development and maintenance of web-based mapping applications
  3. Analysis and visualization
  4. General mapping requests.
In addition to the core responsibilities of the GIS Office, the staff continuously seeks educational opportunities to stay current with the latest GIS technology and understand best practices and data standards.
  1. Digital Data

    Digital data is available for purchase for a fee. To purchase orthophotography or topographic data, please contact Greg Hildreth.

  2. GIS Online

    The GIS Office has developed several map applications leveraging existing County resources. These applications contain current and relevant spatial data and use ArcGIS Server, Adobe Flex, and/or JavaScript technologies.

  3. Links

    Find state and national GIS resources online.

  4. Maps

    View standardized County maps, and learn how to request printed or custom maps.